10 Reasons why you should consider RootX

Posted by SECA on 30-Jan-2018 14:46:00
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RootX is a famous product, used by professionals worldwide to deal with the problems caused by tree roots. There’s a good reason why it’s popular with professionals; it’s simply the most effective product on the market. It’s also great for dealing with the most severe of issues. 

RootX Basics

RootX is used to kill tree roots which have invaded or damaged pipes. This is tricky work as experts in tree root problems will tell you that guesswork is not an option. Tree roots can effectively obliterate pipes, doing untold damage to plumbing systems and also creating hazards in the ground around buildings. 

In Australia, our massive gum trees and other natives often have huge, invasive root systems. These roots are adapted to find water anywhere near them and if a pipe happens to be nearby, it’s likely to get roots growing towards it. The usual story is that the tree roots break into the pipe and trash the plumbing. 

The sheer amount of damage a single, large tree root can do is unbelievable. No type of pipe is immune and tree roots can also under cut foundations, causing more damage. In most cases, the first thing a homeowner knows about the problem is when the pipes start regurgitating water and making gurgling sounds caused by air in the system. 

Tree roots can also do huge damage to sewers, doing pretty much the same sort of damage but on a much larger scale.  RootX is the quick, simple, and above all, reliable, option. 

The 10 Reasons

The 10 reasons for using RootX are pretty compelling:

1.    It’s proven to be safe to use unlike some other products, which are considered potentially very hazardous.
2.    It’s highly effective in Australian conditions against huge tree root problems.
3.    RootX kills tree roots directly through contact
4.    RootX inhibits regrowth, another major issue with Australian tree roots.
5.    RootX is highly penetrant, removing grit from pipes to attack roots.
6.    RootX is very fast acting, achieving results in 30 minutes.
7.    It’s very easy to apply anywhere, saving time and labour costs.
8.    It’s safe to use on septic systems.
9.    RootX application is highly efficient, safe, simple and straightforward.
10.    The product is supplied ready to use, without other preparations.

You can see why plumbers and sewer maintenance experts would go for a product which does everything and can be applied easily anywhere. In some of the semi-impossible situations that tree roots can cause, those are major pluses. 
The other major positive is the safety aspect.  Some materials used to kill tree roots are also likely to damage anything else with which they come in contact. If you’re running a plumbing business, you don’t want to be worrying about your people handling anything, let alone using toxic materials. People working on pipes have enough safety issues without added “attractions” in the form of toxic chemicals. RootX is the benchmark tree root solution, on that basis alone. 

Trying to Source RootX in Australia for Your Business? 

If you’re trying to find a supplier for RootX in Australia, SECA is your online, instant solution. Just call us on our main phone or call your local SECA branch and we’ll have your RootX shipped to you ASAP. Ask our experts for any information you need, we’re happy to assist. 

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