5 Reasons Why EPROS® Pipe Relining Is the Best

Posted by SECA on 30-Jan-2018 14:41:24

EPROS® is a well-known brand in the plumbing and drainage trade around Australia. The EPROS® machines include truly superior, efficient technologies, combined with a fully deserved reputation for doing quality work.

Australian plumbers and drain technicians are fussy about the equipment they choose for pipe relining work. The work can be demanding, with any number of issues. You need good, no-nonsense equipment to do the job well. It says a lot for the quality of the EPROS® suite of pipe relining equipment that it’s so widely accepted as a good, reliable brand by Australia’s professionals.

EPROS® is a global brand, part of the pipe specialist manufacturer Trelleborg’s suite of products. Trelleborg is a market leader, well-known for its exceptional quality of products and performance. The EPROS® range is manufactured to these same high standards.

There are 5 good reasons for choosing EPROS® brand pipe relining:

  1. A very strong range of scalable solutions

The EPROS® brand covers multiple types of pipe relining equipment, including complete drain systems for trenchless relining. Whether you’re dealing with a single pipe or a major upgrade project, the EPROS® brand will have all the equipment you need.

  1. All-in-one equipment and materials solutions

This brand is basically a one-stop shop for all pipe relining needs. EPROS® offers a comprehensive range of pipe relining materials, equipment and specialised options for pipe relining. From drain packers to resins, EPROS® offers everything you need for your relining job.

  1. Efficiency

EPROS® equipment is ideal for a full suite of relining applications, from a simple fix to a major relining job. Every EPROS® pipe relining unit is designed to deliver cost benefits in terms of time of installation and excellent operational efficiencies.

  1. Tough equipment for tough jobs

One look at this equipment and you know it’s good and tough. EPROS® equipment is precision engineered for on-the-job toughness and reliability, as well as precision performance. That’s good to know when you’re dealing with a complex job and various site hazards. 

  1. Cost

When you’re looking for top value for money, start with EPROS®. Another credible reason for the popularity of EPROS® pipe relining equipment is good prices, a strong positive for any plumbing or drainage business. The EPROS® brand always prices its products very competitively, while maintaining a high standard of quality. It’s a win/win for EPROS® operators.

The Bottom Line

Every experienced tradesperson will tell you: It’s never a mistake to invest in good quality equipment and tools. Good equipment saves time and money and does the job properly, every time. That’s the bottom line for any professional and it’s the one that really matters on the job and in business.

Be fussy. Be demanding about equipment quality. Use the EPROS® range as a benchmark for good pipe relining equipment. Compare EPROS® specifications, prices and performance with other brands. It won’t take too long to see why EPROS® equipment is so popular.

Talk to SECA about EPROS® Pipe Relining Equipment

SECA offers a wide range of EPROS® pipe relining equipment and authentic EPROS® applicators, seals and resins. To find out more about our range, call us on 1300 358 039 or visit one of our Australian city branches. Ask our experts about product selection and technical needs or for any other help you need.

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