5 tips for Maintaining Your Water Jets & Increasing your ROI

Posted by SECA on 30-Jan-2018 14:43:16
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Water jets are major assets for many businesses. If you’re in business and your water jet suddenly becomes inoperable, you’ve got some expensive issues to deal with. You have downtime costs, schedule problems and, very probably, an irritated property owner to manage. Best practice to avoid these issues is to maintain your jets in A1 condition. We’re going to show you how to do that.

Water Jet Maintenance

Water jets are very high performance equipment. They operate using water under considerable pressure. That pressure, inevitably, puts a lot of stress on the systems. A further, equally unavoidable problem is that parts issues and replacement parts will arise over time.

The absolute bottom line with water jet maintenance is that any issue can cause serious problems.

Please be aware –Any defective component in a water jet system may make the system unsafe and dangerous to operate. Do not operate a jet which is showing any signs of problems.

The 5 core maintenance operations are:

  1. Water quality: Hard water can introduce minerals into your jet system which may damage it through abrasion.
  1. Water jet nozzles: Water jet nozzles have a finite operational life. They should be replaced regularly according to specifications. You also need to check for visible irregularities in the cutting head which may indicate excessive wear.
  2. Pump: The pump is under continuous strain during operation. It requires a thorough check regularly and any anomalies should be serviced ASAP.
  1. Clogs and filters: Check for clogs throughout the system. These clogs can happen quite suddenly, so a spot check will never be a waste of time.
  1. High-pressure lines: These components are also under high stresses, and require replacement at regular intervals. A rough measure of time is 2000 hours but if a machine has been in continuous operation, they may need replacement sooner.

The All-Round Solution: Regular Preventative Maintenance

Even the experts will tell you that water jet systems can have unexpected issues, even if you try very hard to maintain them. The problem is that almost any water jet problem can compromise the whole system. You may not be able to safely operate the jet.

The all-round solution is called a “rebuild” and it’s an apt name. Regular, preventative maintenance thoroughly inspects, disassembles and reassembles the water jet unit. Possible problems are found and fixed before they turn into expensive operational problems.

It’s best to schedule your preventative maintenance. Every 6 months is best but this maintenance should be done every year at the least. Modern water jet systems are very tough but more than a year is expecting too much. Just make sure that your system gets the expert service it needs.

Need Water Jet Services in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane?

When you need expert water jet services, SECA is your local service centre in all these cities. For fast service and all the practical help you need, call our national number on 1300 358 039 or ring the local SECA branch. We’ll fix your water jet at our service centres and we can do any maintenance work you need done fast.

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