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3 Simple Watch Outs When Relining Pipes.

Posted by SECA on 30-Jan-2018 14:47:44
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How RootX Can Deliver Repeat Sales & Build Your Plumbing Business

Posted by SECA on 30-Jan-2018 14:47:05

Tree roots and Australian plumbing businesses have had an “ongoing working relationship” since the First Fleet. There is nothing more inevitable for a plumbing business than a call for help from some poor homeowner or Council whose plumbing is under attack from a tree.


The sheer chaos that tree roots can cause to plumbing and drainage systems is astonishing. One look in an inspection camera can tell you a real horror story. Tree roots can invade pipes, sewers and wreak absolute havoc. They can pulverise pipes for surprising lengths. They can choke off drainage and cause those noisy, scary backflows into the kitchen sink. They can cause all sorts of problems for sewers. These problems can be true disasters for homeowners. They can also do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage if the plumbing floods or damages the home.


The obvious story here is that if you’re an Australian plumber, sewer or drainage technician, your business must be able to cope with these very common, high demand problems. For plumbing businesses, the bottom line is that tree root problems are major sources of repeat business. If you’re trying to grow your business, this work is something you really do need to be good at.


That’s not quite as easy as it might sound. Proper tree root removal is a virtual science. You need to use the right tools to do these jobs well. One of the most contentious issues in tree root removal is the use of chemicals. Tree root removal can be manual but chemical treatments are best practice to really eliminate the invasive roots.


RootX and Best Practice Tree Root Removal

RootX is the preferred option for expert tree root removalists. There are several very good reasons for this popularity in a very quality-conscious industry:

  1. It’s safe and easy to use in any type of environment
  2. RootX is a systemic destroyer of invasive roots and prevents regrowth
  3. It’s economical for fast, cost-efficient applications
  4. RootX does not require any additional preparation before use
  5. RootX performance is superior to other products


RootX for Your Business

For business purposes, a good all-situations tree root removal product is a great idea. Tree root removal is a source of continuous work which is great for new plumbing businesses. You can do the work and gain new clients who’ll call you for other work. Do a good job and you’ll probably get some word of mouth recommendations for clients’ neighbours, too.


The Easy Way to Source RootX in Australia

Whenever you want RootX for your business, SECA is your source for RootX online. Ordering is easy. Simply specify how many RootX jars you need, click on the Add to Cart link and pay through our secure online portal.  For more information about our services and any advice you need about RootX, call our national number on 1300 358 039 or ring your nearest SECA branch.

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10 Reasons why you should consider RootX

Posted by SECA on 30-Jan-2018 14:46:00

RootX is a famous product, used by professionals worldwide to deal with the problems caused by tree roots. There’s a good reason why it’s popular with professionals; it’s simply the most effective product on the market. It’s also great for dealing with the most severe of issues. 

RootX Basics

RootX is used to kill tree roots which have invaded or damaged pipes. This is tricky work as experts in tree root problems will tell you that guesswork is not an option. Tree roots can effectively obliterate pipes, doing untold damage to plumbing systems and also creating hazards in the ground around buildings. 

In Australia, our massive gum trees and other natives often have huge, invasive root systems. These roots are adapted to find water anywhere near them and if a pipe happens to be nearby, it’s likely to get roots growing towards it. The usual story is that the tree roots break into the pipe and trash the plumbing. 

The sheer amount of damage a single, large tree root can do is unbelievable. No type of pipe is immune and tree roots can also under cut foundations, causing more damage. In most cases, the first thing a homeowner knows about the problem is when the pipes start regurgitating water and making gurgling sounds caused by air in the system. 

Tree roots can also do huge damage to sewers, doing pretty much the same sort of damage but on a much larger scale.  RootX is the quick, simple, and above all, reliable, option. 

The 10 Reasons

The 10 reasons for using RootX are pretty compelling:

1.    It’s proven to be safe to use unlike some other products, which are considered potentially very hazardous.
2.    It’s highly effective in Australian conditions against huge tree root problems.
3.    RootX kills tree roots directly through contact
4.    RootX inhibits regrowth, another major issue with Australian tree roots.
5.    RootX is highly penetrant, removing grit from pipes to attack roots.
6.    RootX is very fast acting, achieving results in 30 minutes.
7.    It’s very easy to apply anywhere, saving time and labour costs.
8.    It’s safe to use on septic systems.
9.    RootX application is highly efficient, safe, simple and straightforward.
10.    The product is supplied ready to use, without other preparations.

You can see why plumbers and sewer maintenance experts would go for a product which does everything and can be applied easily anywhere. In some of the semi-impossible situations that tree roots can cause, those are major pluses. 
The other major positive is the safety aspect.  Some materials used to kill tree roots are also likely to damage anything else with which they come in contact. If you’re running a plumbing business, you don’t want to be worrying about your people handling anything, let alone using toxic materials. People working on pipes have enough safety issues without added “attractions” in the form of toxic chemicals. RootX is the benchmark tree root solution, on that basis alone. 

Trying to Source RootX in Australia for Your Business? 

If you’re trying to find a supplier for RootX in Australia, SECA is your online, instant solution. Just call us on our main phone or call your local SECA branch and we’ll have your RootX shipped to you ASAP. Ask our experts for any information you need, we’re happy to assist. 

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5 Critical Things to Consider When Choosing Your Water Jet

Posted by SECA on 30-Jan-2018 14:45:02

Not all water jets are equal. These powerful machines are all designed to deliver high-pressure water but their uses may vary a lot. Their suitability for different roles also varies, depending on the tasks and scale of jobs. 


The 5 Critical Things to Consider

Our 5 critical things all relate to operational needs. Technical considerations vary with every new generation of water machines but operational needs are a lot easier to pin down and define:

  1. Up to date equipment and good business values: This is the #1 most important of all considerations. Up-to-date equipment is a major asset for any business, as well as being best practice for purchasing plumbing equipment. There’s no getting away from the fact that the new generation of water jets is a whole new ball game. This generation of machines is far superior. The new machines have more power and versatility than ever before. Make sure that you’re equipping yourself for the future, not the past.
  2. Services and maintenance: Water jets require constant operation and regular maintenance. Can you guarantee that you’ll be able to get parts and services when you need them for the machine you choose? If not, move on to other choices where both are easily available. You really don’t want to know about the downtime and costs downside of servicing problems. Your supplier should be able to help you to set up your servicing and maintenance so you never have to worry about these things.
  3. Performance specifications: Consider operational parameters, both in terms of actual work needs and cost of fuel and other operational costs. Power and pressure are good basic guides to workloads, particularly for large scale water jets, and fuel is a good ballpark number for daily running costs. This will help you to narrow down your choices to the best machines and evaluate the best deals.
  4. Standard equipment: Does your new machine come with things like nozzles, rollers and tiger tails? Standardised equipment for the water jet is a must. You should be able to get a good deal with all the standard gear you need.
  5. Smaller units must be able to do the jobs. There are some excellent, smaller water jet units on the market but the question of suitability for specific roles is very important. Check and compare these units in relation to your current and future needs. Ask your supplier about capacity, portability and all the nuts and bolts issues related to these very useful water jets.


The practical and business issues related to purchasing water jets must come first.  Be fussy, get expert help and advice, and make sure you’re buying the perfect water jet for your business.


Trying to Find a Water Jet in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane?

For all the help you need with selecting your new water jet, call SECA. Call our main number, 1300 358 039, or visit our SECA branch in your city. Ask us for any advice, guidance, or technical help you need; we’ll be happy to assist.

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How RootX Safely Kills Roots Dead

Posted by SECA on 30-Jan-2018 14:44:26

RootX is an industry benchmark product for killing tree roots in Australia. It’s used by the experts as being the easiest, safest and most cost-efficient option. The “safety factor” is a major issue and we’re going to give you some insights as to why it’s so important.

There aren’t many products in the plumbing trade which can be called a type of “risk management”. RootX is the exception. The safety issues in dealing with tree root problems are multiple and RootX manages them all seamlessly.

The Safety Issues, Explained

Tree root management is a virtual science in Australia. Our monster gum trees and other natives will exploit any trace of water they can find in the ground. That can mean trouble when a big root system invades your plumbing or drains.

Australian trees are experts at playing Hide and Seek with plumbers and drainage technicians. They’re very good at hiding the roots that cause the problems and excellent at seeking water sources. Anyone who’s ever tried to deal with tree roots in pipes will tell you these trees are downright sneaky.

They’ll choose the most difficult, inaccessible spot to hit a pipe or a drain. They’ll manage to grow under some part of the house where you can’t dig or get easy direct access to the pipe. This can make the work of tree root removal very difficult and sometimes quite dangerous, in more ways than one.

The safety issues are:

  • Safely eliminating the roots from the system. The safety factor includes making sure the tree roots are removed and no longer active in and around the pipe system. You need a good chemical agent which will definitely eradicate tree roots and tree root debris. If this job isn’t done properly, the pipes won’t be safe from future issues.
  • Keeping people safe by using safe materials, like RootX. Some alternative chemicals pose real risks to people, as well as tree roots. That’s not a good look when you’re working in a confined space in close proximity to those chemicals.
  • Protecting the bottom line. For people in the plumbing business, inefficiency in doing the job isn’t an option. When the job is removing tree roots, the risk is that if those roots aren’t properly removed, you’ve got significant added costs and an understandably annoyed client to deal with. You want a product than can be trusted to do the job and do it well. Hence the popularity of RootX in Australia.

Tree roots invading pipes and drains are a common phenomenon in Australia. It says a lot for RootX that it’s so widely accepted as the right product for this work.

Need RootX in Australia?

SECA is your one-stop online source for RootX nationwide. If you’d like to know more about RootX, or would like to ask about sourcing RootX for your business, just call us. Ring our national number on1300 358 039 or contact your local SECA branch.

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5 tips for Maintaining Your Water Jets & Increasing your ROI

Posted by SECA on 30-Jan-2018 14:43:16

Water jets are major assets for many businesses. If you’re in business and your water jet suddenly becomes inoperable, you’ve got some expensive issues to deal with. You have downtime costs, schedule problems and, very probably, an irritated property owner to manage. Best practice to avoid these issues is to maintain your jets in A1 condition. We’re going to show you how to do that.

Water Jet Maintenance

Water jets are very high performance equipment. They operate using water under considerable pressure. That pressure, inevitably, puts a lot of stress on the systems. A further, equally unavoidable problem is that parts issues and replacement parts will arise over time.

The absolute bottom line with water jet maintenance is that any issue can cause serious problems.

Please be aware –Any defective component in a water jet system may make the system unsafe and dangerous to operate. Do not operate a jet which is showing any signs of problems.

The 5 core maintenance operations are:

  1. Water quality: Hard water can introduce minerals into your jet system which may damage it through abrasion.
  1. Water jet nozzles: Water jet nozzles have a finite operational life. They should be replaced regularly according to specifications. You also need to check for visible irregularities in the cutting head which may indicate excessive wear.
  2. Pump: The pump is under continuous strain during operation. It requires a thorough check regularly and any anomalies should be serviced ASAP.
  1. Clogs and filters: Check for clogs throughout the system. These clogs can happen quite suddenly, so a spot check will never be a waste of time.
  1. High-pressure lines: These components are also under high stresses, and require replacement at regular intervals. A rough measure of time is 2000 hours but if a machine has been in continuous operation, they may need replacement sooner.

The All-Round Solution: Regular Preventative Maintenance

Even the experts will tell you that water jet systems can have unexpected issues, even if you try very hard to maintain them. The problem is that almost any water jet problem can compromise the whole system. You may not be able to safely operate the jet.

The all-round solution is called a “rebuild” and it’s an apt name. Regular, preventative maintenance thoroughly inspects, disassembles and reassembles the water jet unit. Possible problems are found and fixed before they turn into expensive operational problems.

It’s best to schedule your preventative maintenance. Every 6 months is best but this maintenance should be done every year at the least. Modern water jet systems are very tough but more than a year is expecting too much. Just make sure that your system gets the expert service it needs.

Need Water Jet Services in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane?

When you need expert water jet services, SECA is your local service centre in all these cities. For fast service and all the practical help you need, call our national number on 1300 358 039 or ring the local SECA branch. We’ll fix your water jet at our service centres and we can do any maintenance work you need done fast.

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5 Reasons Why EPROS® Pipe Relining Is the Best

Posted by SECA on 30-Jan-2018 14:41:24
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