How RootX Can Deliver Repeat Sales & Build Your Plumbing Business

Posted by SECA on 30-Jan-2018 14:47:05

Tree roots and Australian plumbing businesses have had an “ongoing working relationship” since the First Fleet. There is nothing more inevitable for a plumbing business than a call for help from some poor homeowner or Council whose plumbing is under attack from a tree.


The sheer chaos that tree roots can cause to plumbing and drainage systems is astonishing. One look in an inspection camera can tell you a real horror story. Tree roots can invade pipes, sewers and wreak absolute havoc. They can pulverise pipes for surprising lengths. They can choke off drainage and cause those noisy, scary backflows into the kitchen sink. They can cause all sorts of problems for sewers. These problems can be true disasters for homeowners. They can also do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage if the plumbing floods or damages the home.


The obvious story here is that if you’re an Australian plumber, sewer or drainage technician, your business must be able to cope with these very common, high demand problems. For plumbing businesses, the bottom line is that tree root problems are major sources of repeat business. If you’re trying to grow your business, this work is something you really do need to be good at.


That’s not quite as easy as it might sound. Proper tree root removal is a virtual science. You need to use the right tools to do these jobs well. One of the most contentious issues in tree root removal is the use of chemicals. Tree root removal can be manual but chemical treatments are best practice to really eliminate the invasive roots.


RootX and Best Practice Tree Root Removal

RootX is the preferred option for expert tree root removalists. There are several very good reasons for this popularity in a very quality-conscious industry:

  1. It’s safe and easy to use in any type of environment
  2. RootX is a systemic destroyer of invasive roots and prevents regrowth
  3. It’s economical for fast, cost-efficient applications
  4. RootX does not require any additional preparation before use
  5. RootX performance is superior to other products


RootX for Your Business

For business purposes, a good all-situations tree root removal product is a great idea. Tree root removal is a source of continuous work which is great for new plumbing businesses. You can do the work and gain new clients who’ll call you for other work. Do a good job and you’ll probably get some word of mouth recommendations for clients’ neighbours, too.


The Easy Way to Source RootX in Australia

Whenever you want RootX for your business, SECA is your source for RootX online. Ordering is easy. Simply specify how many RootX jars you need, click on the Add to Cart link and pay through our secure online portal.  For more information about our services and any advice you need about RootX, call our national number on 1300 358 039 or ring your nearest SECA branch.

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