How RootX Safely Kills Roots Dead

Posted by SECA on 30-Jan-2018 14:44:26
Sectional illustration of tree above and below ground showing root system

RootX is an industry benchmark product for killing tree roots in Australia. It’s used by the experts as being the easiest, safest and most cost-efficient option. The “safety factor” is a major issue and we’re going to give you some insights as to why it’s so important.

There aren’t many products in the plumbing trade which can be called a type of “risk management”. RootX is the exception. The safety issues in dealing with tree root problems are multiple and RootX manages them all seamlessly.

The Safety Issues, Explained

Tree root management is a virtual science in Australia. Our monster gum trees and other natives will exploit any trace of water they can find in the ground. That can mean trouble when a big root system invades your plumbing or drains.

Australian trees are experts at playing Hide and Seek with plumbers and drainage technicians. They’re very good at hiding the roots that cause the problems and excellent at seeking water sources. Anyone who’s ever tried to deal with tree roots in pipes will tell you these trees are downright sneaky.

They’ll choose the most difficult, inaccessible spot to hit a pipe or a drain. They’ll manage to grow under some part of the house where you can’t dig or get easy direct access to the pipe. This can make the work of tree root removal very difficult and sometimes quite dangerous, in more ways than one.

The safety issues are:

  • Safely eliminating the roots from the system. The safety factor includes making sure the tree roots are removed and no longer active in and around the pipe system. You need a good chemical agent which will definitely eradicate tree roots and tree root debris. If this job isn’t done properly, the pipes won’t be safe from future issues.
  • Keeping people safe by using safe materials, like RootX. Some alternative chemicals pose real risks to people, as well as tree roots. That’s not a good look when you’re working in a confined space in close proximity to those chemicals.
  • Protecting the bottom line. For people in the plumbing business, inefficiency in doing the job isn’t an option. When the job is removing tree roots, the risk is that if those roots aren’t properly removed, you’ve got significant added costs and an understandably annoyed client to deal with. You want a product than can be trusted to do the job and do it well. Hence the popularity of RootX in Australia.

Tree roots invading pipes and drains are a common phenomenon in Australia. It says a lot for RootX that it’s so widely accepted as the right product for this work.

Need RootX in Australia?

SECA is your one-stop online source for RootX nationwide. If you’d like to know more about RootX, or would like to ask about sourcing RootX for your business, just call us. Ring our national number on1300 358 039 or contact your local SECA branch.

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